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RNA Awards

(from NIH RePORTER):

Project Title Project Number Contact PI / Project Leader / Other PI or Lead Organization Name Publications
A Unified Nanopore Platform for Direct Sequencing of Individual Full Length RNA Strands Bearing Modified Nucleotides HG010053 AKESON, MARK A UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA CRUZ Visit PubMed
Novel sequencing by synthesis chemistry to further reduce the cost of nucleic acid sequencing HG011060 MAZUR, DANIEL JOSEPH ULTIMA GENOMICS, INC. Visit PubMed
Chemically Tuned Silicon Nitride Nanopores for Nucleic Acid Sequencing HG011096 DWYER, JASON RODGER UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND Visit PubMed
Exploring 3Dpol for RNA sequencing in real time HG011120 HOU, YA-MING THOMAS JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY Visit PubMed
Computational Design Engine for Accurate and Efficient Sequencing of DNA and RNA HG002776 MUTHUKUMAR, MURUGAPPAN UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST Visit PubMed
LC/MS-Based Direct RNA Sequencing with Concomitant Capability to Sequence Multiple Base Modifications at Single-base Resolution HG011099 ZHANG, SHENGLONG NEW YORK INST OF TECHNOLOGY Visit PubMed
RNA Sequencing Via Single Reverse Transcript Assessments HG011070 GERMAN, SEAN ELECTRONIC BIOSCIENCES, INC. Visit PubMed
Single-cell direct RNA sequencing using electrical zero-mode waveguides and engineered reverse transcriptases HG011087 WANUNU, MENI NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Visit PubMed
TempO-Seq Profiling of RNA Epitranscriptomic Modifications HG009763 SELIGMANN, BRUCE E. BIOSPYDER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Visit PubMed
Programmable RNA-targeting tools HG009761 ZHANG, FENG BROAD INSTITUTE, INC. Visit PubMed
RNA targeting tools with novel specific RNA-guided RNA-targeting CRISPR effectors HG011857 GOOTENBERG, JONATHAN SAMUEL; ABUDAYYEH, OMAR O MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Visit PubMed
Ion Fountain Nanopore Readers for High-Resolution DNA and RNA Sequencing HG011689 WANUNU, MENI NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Visit PubMed
High-throughput detection of transcriptomic and epitranscriptomic variation and kinetics using MarathonRT HG011868 PYLE, ANNA MARIE; GRAVELEY, BRENTON R YALE UNIVERSITY Visit PubMed


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